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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Iceberg

A question mark to myself last few months..

My job is to help my client to manage their money in term of investment, as I always question myself. WHY SHOULD I? I am searching answer all the time. Asking myself over and over again and finally I start to realise something. If I don’t manage their money for them how am I going to get my pay? It’s true that what we give will end up what we receive. As for easy term “the more you give the more you receive”. And the more we have remembered that we are managing client money to subsequent become richer. Our share price is a reward for doing that well.

A purpose of life to become successful is a great begin to become successful. Each of us must have a purpose to become successful. Once you identify your purpose of successful with your activities and goals you will create what we called pull power, which is greatest motivation force for the work you perform. As for my purpose to be successful is to get rich as soon as possible and let my parent to have an enjoyable life in the following years. This is what my pull power play a part to help me to be successful in my career, as “why I do what I do”. Once this is established, it motivates or pulls me along my sales life to be successful.

Let’s start now to know what our purpose but not tomorrow or next week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lesson of the day!

One thing that I learned today - Knowledge is Power.

Knowledge = Trust + Respect + Self-confident

Last times, I believe it takes times to gain knowledge. Maybe over the working experience you have or the people you face all day long. But out of sudden I asked myself what is the faster ways to gain knowledge?

Books are one of the sources. Books do help us to gain knowledge easily and are the faster way. It just depends on how fast and hardworking you can finish reading a book.

Secondly, socialize with to those who have wide knowledge. All we have to do is spend 1 hour weekly of listening, I believe we will receive at least 5% of his knowledge. Choose wisely on what knowledge and who you communicating with.

Something to share on, catch the clients “words” they usually use, therefore you may use it as well in order to make the client feel more comfortable when communicating. It would add on a credit to your communication skill.

As for normal, all of us know that each question we ask it define what information we want to know. It’s correct but did you question yourself before, what question to ask during conversation, in order to get the information and make the clients feel more comfortable to continue the conversation. This is how a conversation start, is either end it in a good conversation or bad conversation.

Target: I want gain a total of “3 years knowledge” in “1.5 years times” starting from 22 years old.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What you know about sport?

Sports are most often played just for fun or for the simple fact that people need exercise to stay in good physical condition. However professional sport is a major source of entertainment. Although they do not always succeed, sports participants are expected to display good sportsmanship, standards of conduct such as being respectful of opponents and officials, and congratulating the winner when losing. A sport is commonly defined as an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play.Sport is governed with rules or customs.

Physical capabilities + Skill = Outcome (Win or Lose)

Physical activity involves movement of people, animals or variety objects such as balls or machines likes squash, football and etc.

Evidence shows that regular exercise can:
  • Halve your risk of getting type 2 diabetes

  • Help to control diabetes and prevent long-term complications if you already have the condition

  • Halve your risk of developing coronary heart disease

  • Increase levels of HDL ('good' cholesterol)

  • Reduce high blood pressure

  • Promote bone density to protect against osteoporosis

  • Have beneficial effects if you have arthritis and lower back pain

  • Reduce your overall risk of cancer, prevent bowel cancer and reduce the risk of breast cancer in women after the menopause

  • Help to maintain a healthy weight in combination with a balanced diet

  • Reduce the risk of death or poor health if you're already overweight or obese

  • Reduce your risk of depression and dementia in later life

  • Treat depression

  • Help you to feel better about yourself and reduce stress

  • Improve your sleep

  • Help to promote healthy growth and development in children, as well as maintaining their energy balance, psychological wellbeing and social interaction

Below tables are the calories that can lose 30 minutes after playing each different physical sports:

Something to share..

According to Forbes:
Squash Healthiest SportSays Forbes Magazine

Squash is rated as healthiest sport in a survey conducted by the widely respected and influential US business magazine Forbes. While accepting that Health and Fitness are different things the magazine has compiled a list of the 10 healthiest sports. Rating for the different sports are based on consultations with fitness experts - coaches, personal trainers, competitor and exercise physiologists - as well as a dash of personal experience. The four basic physiological components or fitness are rated on a scale of 1 to 5. Injured risk is also considered.

Squash came out top of the 10 sports highlighted in the survey.
1. Squash

2. Rowing

3. Rock Climbing

4. Swimming

5. Cross-country Skiing

6. Basketball

7. Cycling

8. Running

9. Modern Pentathlon

10. Boxing

A story of “Mal Wilson's motivations”

Last 10 years, He was a person that smoked, drank, and was overweight, stressed and never believed in exercise. On Thursday morning in November 1993, it all came to a sudden end in the way of a heart attack. This was to be followed up six months later with a quadruple bypass. In that six months leading up to my operation my life was in the hands of God.

After his operation, scarred and sore, He was about to take up the biggest change of my life. One afternoon, standing in a gym in the City he watched a man workout on a running machine. All of a sudden he realized that the man was my heart surgeon. After a chat his surgeon asked him to have a run on the treadmill. So with great trepidation he decided to give it a go. He had been doing a lot of walking as exercise after his heart attack and this was a further stepping stone. After twenty minutes of running and hardly any puffing he knew that this was to be the start of two friendships - one with my surgeon Mark O'Brien, and one with the road.

Mark then introduced him into the Queensland Marathon and Road Running Club. So with no more than a shuffle that he had been doing for a couple of months and for no longer distance than one kilometer, he decided to enter a five-kilometer race. This took him beyond anything physical he had done in his whole life and all the time not knowing if his heart was going to over charge. Well it didn't, and he finished in twenty-five minutes (not ready for the Olympics yet!).
Ten years down the track with the right diet, lots of training and lots of love and sup. His surgeon also competes in just about every marathon he run, and he is so proud to show him just what he has done for his life.

He is a volunteer with the heart support group at Prince Charles Hospital and spend a lot of spare time at the hospital talking with heart patients. he like to give back to the hospital and staff as much as he can for it's these people who are the unsung heroes.
Before his heart attack he was ninety-six kilograms. He is now seventy-one kilograms and has a resting heart rate of forty-one. Before his heart attack it was up in the eighties. Port from my wife and two sons, I am now a marathon runner.

He train a minimum of six kilometers and a maximum of thirty kilometers a day, and his best times in running are:

  • Marathon: three hours, fourteen minutes (Gold Coast)

  • Half-marathon: one hour, twenty seven minutes (Noosa)

  • Ten kilometers: thirty-eight minutes (QMRRC)

  • Five kilometers: seventeen minutes (QMRRC)

He have won:

  • Ten gold championship medals, three silver championship medals and three bronze championship medals at my running club

  • Third and second in two separate Australia Day runs at Redland Bay,10ks

  • Second in an open event ten kilometer run for 'breast cancer' in the City,10ks

  • Second outright in a 12 kilometer Glasshouse Mountain race

  • Second outright in a Bribie Island 30 kilometer beach run

  • Second two years in a row, for age, at Sandgate in a 10 kilometer road race

  • Third in an open event at Mt Mee - Mt Mee is rated as one of the hardest in the country.10ks Second one year third the next in age from Samford to Dayrbo,23ks

Bupa's health information team, July 2009. :

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What you need to reach goals?

Set goals – A long term goals and a short term goal. The reasons to set a long term as well as short term goals are because you will have a better and clear daily schedule, more focus on what you doing each day, and let's say you fail your short term goals you still have a long term goals to focus.

How to schedule your time to achieve your goals?

Example scenario a self-employed selling toilet bowl:

2010 goals: 100k (Long term goal)

Self-employed based on commission as income: Rm2000 per deal

100k yearly / Rm2000 per deal = 50 deals

50 deals / 7 month (June-Dec) = 7-8 deals per month (Short term goal)

7-8 deals / 4 weeks (1 Month) = 1-2 deals per week

1-2 deals per week. How many customer you need to meet? Let’s say 10 Appointment you able to close a deal.

So per week = 20 appointment.

20 appt per week = 2-3 appt per day

Daily time table (24 Hours) to achieve 2-3 appt per day –

and as well Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedule...

P/S: The time table might not be that accurate and is just for an example.

Questions to be answer:
1) Who can assist you to achieve your goal?

2) Note down what is the obstacle you going to faces?

3) Who going to assist you to solve the problem?

4) What skill do you have in order to achieve your goals?

5) Which skill that you don’t have and you need it?

6) Who can assits you to have the skill?

After setting goals,

Motivation – You have to identify what is a thing that can motivate you. It could be family, friends, loves ones, money, luxury product and etc. As for my experience, I never stop motivate myself every time. When I tend to relax and stop motivating myself to achieve my goals, I find it difficult to get back on track. It just like replacing the period of time you have miss.

Motivation plays a part of your daily life too. Example, what motivate you to get up from bed early in the morning 7.00am when you don’t have to work? What motivate you to stop smoking and drinking every night? Each of this does need motivation. Keep motivating yourself and lead you to achieve your goal!
Ways of motivating yourself – Seminar , Books, Communicating, and etc..

Positive – Keep in mind!! Positive thinking won’t let you do anything but it will let you do everything! When you have a positive thinking, each day you tend to have a better day. Why I say so?

Research published in Psychology and Aging, a journal from the American Psychological Association (APA), shows that while genetics and overall physical health play a part in how people age, positive thinking can also play an important role.

While researchers in the study couldn't explain why positive thinking or positive emotions reduced the incidence of frailty, they speculated that positive thinking may directly affect health via chemical and neural responses that help maintain an overall health balance.

Another possibility, according to the researchers, is that positive thinking can have a beneficial effect on people’s health by increasing a person’s intellectual, physical, psychological and social resources.

Try to focus your energy on positive thinking rather than negative thinking, and look for reasons to feel happy and hopeful every day. If you put your energy toward positive thinking and ways to make your life more enjoyable, you may discover that positive thinking really does help you feel better.

Example of a positive thinker: When you faces some unlucky situation 1 day, you tend to say to yourself “Damn, WHAT A BAD DAY!”. Why not we smile and say to ourselves as what Chinese always use to say “坏的不去,好得不来” (Bad luck don’t leave you, The Good luck will never approach you) No doubt some of us tend to believe that positive thinking won’t help in term of reaching the goal BUT neither do negative thinking will help.

Determination attitude - we need to determine our attitude in order to achieve goals. Why I say so, human being tends to give up when they meet failure. I would say this is normal for a human being! In order to achieve our goals we need determination.

How to build the determination attitude is the question that only can be answer by yourself. In this world, I bet no one can remind you each day of your life to have determination attitude of your goals UNLESS you hired that person. That is what everybody use to say, mind your own business!

Action – My favourite quote ‘ NATO’ (No Action, Talk Only). This problem is the major problem among us. Do you agree with me? For example: ‘I want to be rich’. But do you react toward it? To me, Action is more important than talk only. In every things I have say for my prospect of work life, I will tend to ask myself 2 simple question “When I will do it and how to do it?” . This will affect me to react on the time I have set and look for ideas.
In order to reach your goals, you need motivation to make a decision, positive thinking of what your life will be, determine attitude towards reaching your goals and ACTION towards it!
This are some of my way to achieve goals

1) Set goals


3)Positive thinking

4)Determination attitude

5) Action

Let's strive together to reach our goals!!

Source: “Onset of Frailty in Older Adults and the Protective Role of Positive Affect," Glenn V. Ostir, Kenneth J. Ottenbacher and Kyriakos S. Markides, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston; Psychology and Aging], Vol. 19, No. 3. (PDF format)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A successful story of JOLLIBEE

Jollibee is a fast-food restaurant chain based in Philippines. Where by the founder is Tony Tan CakTiong. Something to share with of the successful story of JOLLIBEE!

Tony Tan Caktiong’s Jollibee has been one of the most admired, most copied, most innovative and most professionally-run company here in the Philippines. It has been the number one fastfood chain overtaking giants such as Mc Donalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC.
How did a local jolly red bee knocked down a multinational red-haired clown named Ronald? Let’s see another inspiring story of the founder of one of my ideal businesses. With its success, a Jollibee franchise has now a tag price of P25+ Million (US$ 500,000+). Wow!

Tony Tan Caktiong’s Life and his Jollibee company is another rags to riches story of an entrepreneur that truly inspires everyone. Tony was the third of seven siblings born to poor parents who migrated from the Fujian province in China to look for a better life here in the Philippines. Tony to return back to Manila and pursue his course Chemical Engineering at the University of Santo Tomas (UST).

In 1975, Tony and his colleagues went on a visit to a Magnolia Ice Cream plant located in Quezon City and learned that it was offering franchise when he saw a poster for it. By the month of May, with his family savings, he took P350,000 to grab the franchise opportunity and opened two Magnolia ice cream parlors named Cubao Ice Cream House. They all worked hands-on but as the business propels, they noticed they could not do it all so they started to set up an organization hired store managers, and trained people.

Tony started with just two ice cream. Then after two years, he offered chicken and hamburger sandwiches, because customers were telling them they didn’t want to be eating ice cream all the time. They prepared the food in the back kitchen, and soon noticed that people were lining up more for hamburgers than for ice cream. Then in 1978, when they already had six ice cream parlors, they asked themselves: “Why don’t we change into a hamburger house?”

That was also the time they decided to incorporate and realized they needed a brand name. They were looking for a symbol that would represent the group, and because Tony was very impressed with Disneyland characters, they decided on a bee. The bee is a busy creature that produces honey – one of life’s sweetest things. They thought it would be a very good symbol to represent everybody. They decided they would all be very busy and happy at the same time, because if they were busy but not happy, it would not be worth it. That’s why they put the word jolly and just changed the “y” into “i” to form a brand name - JOLLIBEE.

“It wasn’t long before we heard that the multinationals were coming in – including McDonald’s. Friends started asking us if we were going to get a McDonald’s franchise but I remember saying, if you franchise, you can’t grow outside the Philippines”, says Tony.

Awards in 2008
  • JOLLIBEE bested some of Asia Pacific's biggest multinationals as it bagged the FMCG and F & B Asia Pacific Supply Chain Excellence Award at the SCM Logistics Excellence Award held in Singapore.
  • Zenith Foods Corporation, the commissary plant of JFC, was adjudged the National winner of Meat Processing Plant AAA category in the search for Best Meat Establishment of the National Meat Inspection Service.
  • JOLLIBEE wins Award of Excellence in Philippine Quill Awards for Media Relations Program (30th anniversary campaign).
  • CMMA Best Radio Ad branded "Hongkong" radio ad

There is more story behind of Jollibee, yet how they started Jollibee had inspired me!

The things that I had learned -

  • EXPLORE more
  • TEAMWORK (with partner)
  • Think BIG (expand business)
  • Create a TEAM

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I have gain during 7 month working as a employee?

This would be my first time to write a blog, share my experience and feeling towards a certain circumstances that I faces during I worked in SG.
During my job in SG, I have faces many different kind of problems. Example cant hit KPI's, could not handle objection from delegates well, who should I call? , what they really want from the events? & etc..
That was really tough during the first month. The only word to express my feeling is "Struggle". After 1 month, finally I closed my first deal and in minutes I told myself, "Actually it's all worth". Problem that I faces during the first month, start to became a routine for me to faces each day in the sales floor and the best things was that I learned to solved it in a best ways.
A thought of mine, experience was not how many days, months, years you worked but how many problems and obstacles you faces during the period of time. These is when u start to learn something and gain knowledge from. I learned to likes problem when I faces problem and take it as positive mindset.
After 3 month, I wasn't in a good form. My performance drop to the ground like nobody business. I suppose my mindset start to change in other ways, I always question myself "Why I help the company to earn SGD 3000+ and I only can get back SGD 300+?" I told myself I can open a business and earn that amount of money for myself that I don't have to share it out single money to anybody. A selfish mindset that I have during the period of time. A question that cause me to change my attitude towards working and my performance as well.
I suppose reason that influences me.
1st Commission Claim
2nd "Rich dad Poor dad" book (that encourage me as well)
3rd I want to be rich asap!
In my 6 month of working, I had my mindset changed and I start to react about it. To be self employed and I told myself I must get results out of it!
The things I want to achieves as a self-employed.
1st Financial independence in ages 25!
2nd 100k income yearly!
3rd Cash-flow Queen!
But in the meanwhile, as I still working under the company, I start to push myself to work hard and get something out of it before I leave. It was a tough time for me. As I stop perform and wanted to get back to the path, I would said, "It's not an easy job"! I start to work smart to close deals asap and a compliment to myself.
I DID IT! I had close a deal the day before I leave, something that not to be proud of but it's still an achievement to share with.
A thought of mine, Life is like an index, it will go up and down with no warning but one things is that, whenever it drop it will rise up again! My life during the non-performing time was really bad but with patience it show some result out of it. So be patience was what I learned in life! Something to share on, Ignorant (Stop it!!) & Self-initiative! These 2 words might lead you to become a better person in life no matter what we do. So let's react toward it!
That is all for now. Yet more to update in the future! Apologise for my English error if I have.